LinkedIn Groups provide a great platform for (i) increasing your visibility, (ii) increasing your impact and (iii) expanding your influence.  This lesson walks you through a step-by-step process for making LinkedIn Groups work for you.

Take full advantage of this lesson:

  • Watch the video.
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  • Use the notepad on the right side of the video to record your ACTION steps.

Additional Information For This  Lesson

1:   When I said “apply” to be in groups, I meant “ask to join.”   There is rarely an application process to join groups; however, many groups require that you ask to join them.

2:  Promotions in LinkedIn Groups is not inherently bad; it’s just premature until you’ve created a reputation for adding value to the group.  Unless you are in a group that is built around promotion, you brand will be well serve, if you add value first and then begin to integrate promotional materials in to your group posts.   I discuss sharing your content in tip 5.

3.    The video appears to end a bit abruptly, however, my last point in the summary is to add value.

This video lesson is an adaptation from TC’s live Periscope broadcast.