Grow Your Network and Attract Your Ideal Clients with LinkedIn.

With 433+ million users (mostly professionals and executives) LinkedIn is the world’s largest and most lucrative business social network.  Think of it as a powerful rolodex of the most influential people in your industry that’s at your fingertips, if you know how to use it.

Your ideal clients are in this up-to-date rolodex that we call LinkedIn, waiting for YOU to show up.  Right now (like today) is the best time to use the power of LinkedIn identify, attract and build relationships with ideal clients that lead to business.  This process is “social selling” and it’s a highly effective way to build your book of business and make quantum leaps in your business.

Three things will happen when you take advantage of LinkedIn.

  1. 1. You’ll influence what your target audience thinks about your industry and your services.  LinkedIn can help you become known as the subject matter expert and a key leader in your industry, if you use it the right way.
  2. 2. You’ll expand your network of contacts interested in doing business with you.  Optimize your personal profile to let LinkedIn help you stop chasing and start attracting your ideal clients and opportunities.
  3. 3. You’ll have  targeted conversations online with people who are actually interested in your services (and not just kicking tires).  LinkedIn makes it easy to (i) build relationships through content and (ii) increase visibility through likes, shares and inbox messages. Master social selling on LinkedIn and attract biz opportunities.  Period.


Too many people are NOT using LinkedIn to attract ideal clients because of bad information.  Here’s what clients have said BEFORE enrolling in our programs … 

LinkedIn is hard to use and I don’t have time to figure it out. Here’s the truth: LinkedIn is easy to use when you know what to do.  The Linked Impact Academy will guide you through writing a LinkedIn profile that brings you  opportunities when while you’re awake to best practices for effectively using LinkedIn groups, status updates and company pages.

LinkedIn is for people looking for jobs and I run a business. I need clients, not an employer. Here’s the truth: LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice for executives, managers, meeting planners, lawyers, accountants, trainers, consultants, business owners, entrepreneurs and many others who want to use social media to advance their careers and grow their businesses. Your target market and ideal clients are here.

 The people on LinkedIn are not my kind of people. Here’s the truth – if decision-makers are your kind of people, your kind of people are on LinkedIn. The Linked Impact Academy will show you find, attract and convert the people who needs your services into clients or employers – your choice.

If any of these reasons (which are really excuses under disguise) is preventing you from using the Linked Impact Academy, you are throwing money away. 

Let LinkedIn help you get to your next level.

Set-up guides, videos, check-lists and infographics are waiting for your immediate access.  You’ll have full access to all of the information in the Linked Impact Academy as soon as you enroll.  You can go through all of the material at once or pace yourself over a period of time that you set.  The choice is yours. 


Take a peak at the type of training in this academy. 

The Linked Impact Academy contains value-packed, easy to understand lessons that teach you exactly how to build an influential brand and attract your people: 

  • Learn exactly how to create an influential personal profile that increases your credibility.
  • Discover easy and effective ways to increase your visibility on LinkedIn.
  • See exactly how you can use status updates and LinkedIn blog posts to become a recognized expert and leader in your industry.
  • Understand exactly how to leverage recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn to increase trust in your capabilities and your brand through the words of others.
  • Find out how to create an influential business presence on LinkedIn with Company Pages.
  • Discover how to attract your ideal clients and be seen as an influencer by effectively leveraging LinkedIn Groups.  
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn Groups to uncover opportunities for joint venture and other collaborative  relationships with complementary businesses that serve your target audience and ideal clients.
  • Understand how to use LinkedIn analytics to identify and connect with the people most interested in your programs, products and services. 
  • Explore LinkedIn’s powerful search capabilities and learn how to use them to identify, locate, attract, and influence the people in your target market. 

When you enroll in the Linked Impact Academy, you’ll have access to all training modules and accompanying materials for one annual fee (you can cancel at any time).   Your enrollment in the Linked Impact Academy includes all updates made to the academy throughout the year.  

Click here to enroll in the Linked Impact Academy and get immediate access to the program.  Success on Linked is waiting for you on the other side. Let’s go! 


Every lesson in the Linked Impact Academy contains:

  • 1.  Video training (from one of TC’s Periscope broadcasts or an animated slideshow).
  • 2.  Infographics, slide decks and infographics to reinforce the video lessons. 
  • 3. An electronic notepad beside each lesson that you can use to write down and easily access your notes.
  • 4.  The exact information you need to be successful on LinkedIn.

If using LinkedIn to get to the next level in your business or career is important to you,

Set-up guides, videos, check-lists and infographics are waiting for you.

Still unsure about whether or not the LinkedIn  is where you should invest your very limited time?
Here’s what you should know:


433+ million users in 200 different countries.  

Regardless of where where your ideal clients live, LinkedIn can help you find them.  The Linked Impact Academy shows you how to use groups, status updates and your profile to show up as a resource for your target audience in a way that leads to business.

There are more than 40 million students and recent college graduates on LinkedIn.

46% of online adults who have graduated from college are on LinkedIn. If your ideal client is a college graduate, your ideal client is probably on LinkedIn.  If your business needs an intern, recent college graduate or seasoned expert – that person is probably on LinkedIn.  The Linked Impact Academy will help you find your ideal person. 

Reach professionals and executives who are on LinkedIn, exclusively. 

Reportedly, 13% of LinkedIn users do not have a Facebook account; 83% of LinkedIn users do not have a Pinterest account; and 59% of LinkedIn users are not active on Twitter.  The Linked Impact Academy will teach you how to use the LinkedIn platform to find, attract and influence those decision-makers who can only be found on LinkedIn.  

41% of reported millionaires have LinkedIn accounts.

In addition, 41% of LinkedIn users make more than $75,000 a year.  The Linked Impact Academy teaches you how to use LinkedIn to increase your credibility and likability … leading to more business opportunities than ever before. 

17% of U.S. small businesses have a LinkedIn Company Page.

100% of top 50 law firms and 88% of Inc. 500 companies also have Company Pages.  Enroll in the Linked Impact Academy and learn how to use the treasure chest of info in company pages to warm up your cold leads and find business opportunities.

45% of LinkedIn users are decision-makers.

When you know how to use LinkedIn, you can stop wasting time with people who do not have the authority to say YES and focus on the people who do.  The Linked Impact Academy will show you how to get found by the decision-makers in your industry.

40% of LinkedIn’s users around the world log in at least once a day.
These mostly professionals and executives come to LinkedIn searching for information and connections that can help them get to their next level.  The Linked Impact Academy will teach you how write status updates, company page updates and blog posts that attract your target audience and influence their next action.

56% of LinkedIn users are men. 44% of LinkedIn users are women.

Regardless of whether your ideal client is male or female, that person is likely on LinkedIn. If you aren’t using LinkedIn provide value, support and encouragement – your ideal client will find someone who is …  The Linked Impact Academy can help you create content that attract the right people to help make your goals your reality.

On average, posts published on LinkedIn will reach people in 9 countries.

LinkedIn can help you build a global brand that attracts your ideal clients from around the world. Enroll in the Linked Impact Academy and learn how to use your Linked profile to build an  influential brand that isn’t geographically bound.

67% of active LinkedIn users consider themselves “news junkies.”

These people love to be “in the know” about the topics that matter the most to them in their business and personal lives.  Enroll in the Linked Impact Academy and learn how use your status updates and blog posts to give your target market the information they crave. 

LinkedIn is filled with motivated decision makers who need your help.   
They are looking for just the information you have to share.  Will they find you there?  
If you are lost and confused about how to use LinkedIn to attract clients and business opportunities you’ve been reading about, TODAY is your lucky day.   The Linked Impact Academy can help you transform LinkedIn into one of your most important business development tool, if you enroll, watch the lessons and take the action.

Now it the time for you to RELEASE YOUR APPREHENSION and let LinkedIn help you grow your business.

If you want LinkedIn to bring ideal clients to you, the Linked Impact Academy will show you how to do it.   Enroll now for immediate access to all of the lessons in our academy.

Tasha “TC” Cooper is your instructor for the Linked Impact Academy.

TC-HeadshotTC has mastered the art and science of attracting targeted leads and building relationships with LinkedIn. She is an attorney, a #1 best selling author and president of UpwardAction® – a digital publishing and social media marketing agency.  She is also the creative mind behind the #CooperZone Virtual Learning Platform. 

As a social marketing advocate and innovative thinker, TC has become a recognized leader for professional service providers who want to make social media marketing, online paid advertising and digital branding profitable.  TC has been engaged by businesses and government agencies that include, but are not limited to, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Wall Street Project Economic Summit, Rutgers University, Levin Institute Kauffman and FastTrac Programs, bar associations and numerous attorneys, consultants, small firms and small businesses.

TC is a teacher at heart. She has taught thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs and lawyers how to use the power of LinkedIn to grow their businesses and advance their careers through her work with organizations like the DC Bar Association, Maryland Bar Association, New Jersey Small Business Development Centers, New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners and her company various social media marketing channels. Her ability to understand why people get stuck when using Linkedin and innate desire to help as many people as possible get measurable results from using LinkedIn lead her to develop the Linked Impact Academy and other on-demand virtual academies that make it affordable for everyday people to learn how to use social media platform on their own schedule and from the convenience of their smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.  

Are you curious about what it’s like to work with TC Cooper?
Read what our clients and customers have to say …

305b46dI found Tasha’s LinkedIn and Twitter presentations to the DC Bar Association extremely informative. As a business consultant and service provider, I know the importance of employing social marketing for self‐promotion. Tasha shared creative, practical and time efficient ways to use social media in my business. Her thorough presentations showed me how to improve my LinkedIn profile and to use Twitter to provide value and get the word out about my firm.
Deb Gaveglio

moranThank you very much for your time and energy in presenting the three Build Momentum with Social Media sessions for our members. The feedback from the lawyers was very positive. It was especially helpful that you were able to demonstrate how a lawyer can turn her/his LinkedIn profile into a dynamic tool for building a network and communicating one’s problem solving ability and expertise. Showing lawyers how and when to use Twitter was very useful because you provided a clear strategy for getting results from this tool.

Daniel Mills, Esq.

305b46dI’ve taken a couple of TC’s workshops and have 1 on 1 coaching sessions with her to help me create and build my online brand. TC has been extremely helpful to my business. Many of the new clients that I get today have been a result of the marketing and branding ideas that TC suggested I implement. I never understood how to monetize social media until I got TC’s help. I’m thankful that I took her courses and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to increase their business revenue through online marketing.

Obi Okere,
M.A. Digital Marketing Specialist and Business Analyst

305b46dTC Cooper is a consummate professional with an abundance of knowledge in social media and other related areas. As a client of TC for a coaching and a participant in a six-week Business Branding program, she “blew me away” with her breath, depth so much knowledge and information to share that I came away from the engagement with her “wired” and “motivated” because she provides actionable material as she walks you through the entire process effortlessly. I’ve yet to meet a presenter/coach who has the broad skills, strong presentation style and deep understanding of social media marketing that TC brings to the table. She adds value in so many areas and she has a keen eye as she reviews a client’s website and social media connections to make “spot-on” recommendations for immediate improvement and sustained growth. In every meeting and presentation, I’ve been involved in with TC she has shown her passion for her work which opens one’s thoughts and implementation plans to a new level. Thanks TC!

Michael Cafarelli,
President – GuardChild

moranHelping Entrepreneurs & Marketers Navigate the SMB Space. TC Cooper is a great speaker! When it comes to helping companies build “magnetic” brands or incorporate social media into their existing business plans, there are few who do it better than TC. She delivers exceptional content in a style that makes it so easy to understand.

Brian Moran


moranTasha Cooper is a phenomenal magnetic branding and social media trainer and coach. I have hired her on behalf of the New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Procurement Programs to develop several training programs and to consult with our clients. TC provides practical, insightful and clear directions for implementing a workable plan of action for branding your company and using Web 2.0 strategies to will grow your business. I highly recommend her for your next speaking or training program.

Stephanie Burroughs

It’s past time for you  to really leverage LinkedIn to attract your ideal clients by being more influential.  Enroll in the Linked Impact Academy and in moments you’ll have full access to all the information  you need to maximize the power of the LinkedIn platform.

TC Cooper’s 100% Personal Guarantee! If you do not find the content contained in this academy valuable, you can have a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Just ask.   

Membership in each of the #CooperZone Academies (Linked Impact Academy, Tweeple Impact Academy, Live Streaming Impact Academy and Social Media Magic Lab) comes with my *no-risk, 7 day unconditional money back guarantee*. I am so convinced that you will find the information shared in every one of our academies valuable, I’m willing to take the risk of letting you enroll in our academies for 7 days, look around and decide if the information is as helpful as I have promised. If you do not find the information to be valuable, you can cancel your enrollment and receive a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. *There is absolutely NOTHING to lose!*


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our training academies and their potential to help your business. All claims made of earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average student/attendee/purchaser, do not and are not intended to represent or guarantee that you or anyone else will achieve the same or similar results. Each person’s success with our academies, products and programs is entirely dependent upon that person’s background, dedication, desire,  motivation, discipline and consistent action. As with any business endeavor, program, product, academy or service – there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.